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Analyzing Business Continuity Management for Return On Investment has been updated and is available on Amazon as an E-Book  Bill Million is the author

Planner to New Planner - A Business Continuity Guide Based On Experience has been recently published and is available on Amazon as an E-Book  Bill Million is the author

BRS completes Hazard/Threat studies for St. Bernadette Catholic Parish in Lakewood Colorado

BRS completes Hazard/Threat studies for The Foundation of Catholic University Students in Genesee Colorado

BRS completes Life Safety Plan updates for Colorado Public Radio

Completed safety evacuation plan and training for Holy Cross Church in Thornton Colorado

Training presentations to the businesses severly affected by the flooding in Lyons Colorado


Education Opportunities

icorunivCheck The International Consortium for Organizational Resilience web site for the 2014 education schedule.   1-866-765-83213

Classes are offered across the US and online.  Degree programs are also included.

New courses in Facility and Technical Operations have already been scheduled

Budget prevents travel or lowered education budget?  

Need on-site courses?

Contact us for details.  BRS is a ICOR Partner. We can help schedule ICOR credentialed classed at your location on your schedule.  Save the cost of travel let ICOR come to you.  ICOR is international and has material in several anguages.

Mission-Critical Environments Education & Credentialing Program
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ANSI Accredited
                   ICOR Certificate Programs

BCM 5000:
Auditing BCM Programs
BCM 4050: Business Continuity Maturity Model
CMC 2050: Crisis Communication Planner
SCRM 2000: Supply Chain Resiliency Management

Business Resilience Solutions will prepare custom education material for your company, church or school.